A newly formed asset-based lending company with a focus on representing entrepreneurs and working together to improve the world in a sustainable way.

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Our unique focus fills a niche in the debt markets with an emphasis on:

  • High-growth companies that do not fit the traditional lender’s credit criteria
  • Women-led companies
  • Consumer brands with a focus on sustainability and inclusivity
  • Brands that are focused on the “conscious” consumer

In todays dislocated capital markets – where lenders and sponsors are tightening more and investing less – JPalmer can provide the necessary capital to help companies grow.

Our Management Team

Our experienced management team has a proven track record of success, with an especially deep understanding of the natural products industry.

Benefits to working with us

The Borrower

As the borrower (our “partner”), you will have access to improved cash flow and liquidity, along with flexible lines of credit that are tailored to your needs. You’ll have direct communication to our team and experience quick turnaround.

The Investor

For your investor or founder, there will be additional non-dilutive capital made available to your company for the purpose of accelerating its growth.

The Bank

Where your bank is concerned, there will be opportunities for cash management referrals as well as line of credit referrals that may be set up between you and us.

Our Partners

Our debt and equity partners will in turn have collateral to secure our investment. We will also provide detailed reporting so that everyone is on the same page. Just ask our strong customer base.

We’d love to introduce ourselves.

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